Taking COVID-19 Seriously

The COVID-19 disease is one of the most serious epidemic outbreaks in modern history. Unless drastic measures are taken, by governments, organisations and individuals, it is going to be a global pandemic with serious consequences on people, economy and societies around the world. We should all take COVID-19 seriously.

Reviewing Caveats of Homebrew packages

Have you ran into problems after Homebrew upgrade? If you are a Homebrew user on Mac OS X, you might have faced problems after starting a Homebrew upgrade. If you could review the upgrade log, you might find what went wrong and which configuration and commands you still need to do to get everything working […]

قصيدة «نَيْرون» لخليل مطران

“نيرون” قصيدة من قصائدي المفضلّة للشاعر والكاتب خليل مطران، شاعر القطرين الذي ولد في لبنان عام1872 وغادرها إلى باريس ليدرس الأدب الغربي ثم عاد إلى مصر حيث قضى معظم سنوات عمره مبدعا أدبا وشعرا وفكرا. دعا مطران وعدد من معاصريه من الأدباء للتجديد في أغراض اللغة والأدب والشعر لإخراجها من أغراضها التقليدية لكي لتناسب مع […]


Adding bash scripts to Mac OS X

If you are familiar with bash, but not familiar with the Mac OS X environment, then keep reading, this blog post is for you. If you are using your Mac to do some serious software development, or if you would like to use your Mac to perform several IT administration tasks, you might want to […]